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Canada vs St Kitts and Nevis (2). Game day links

Just a quick update for you today, as it's way too early for me to be up right now to work an earlier shift to get to the Canada game on time.

I'll start with Stamatopoulos, Legerwood and Beaulieu Bourgault talk about wanting to put on a show for the fans.

Red Nation Online has an analysis of Canada's Right Back Conundrum, as well as the latest Paul James podcast, which I imagine could be particularly grumpy after Friday's game.

At Canadian Soccer news, Squizz is pleading for a blowout, while Duane Rollins is lamenting the fact Canada still doesn't play nearly enough games, or that they're not a spanish beach, something like that anyway. has an interview with Dwayne de Rosario up, as well as this preview from John Molinaro.

In the Sun, they have video from training up, alongside Kurtis Larson's preview, which ends with Will Johnson grimly looking ahead to the next stage.

"We're going to go from these nice island countries (to Central America)," Johnson said. "It's brutal, it's harsh ... and extremely tough."

Don't forget to hit home, then scroll through the front page, as Keaton and dave put up a ridiculous amount of previews and interviews yesterday, as well as the top 3 entrants in our O Canada! contest, all well worth a read.