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Game Thread: St. Kitt's and Nevis at Canada

The boys in white were not alright that night. 
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The boys in white were not alright that night. via

St. Kitt`s and Nevis v Canada
BMO Field, Toronto,Ontario, 7pm EST
TV: Rogers Sportsnet One

So we are hours away from kick off in Canada`s final game of Round 2 of World Cup qualifying. Last I checked, the weather network said it would drop to around a low of 5 degrees. But so far it`s been a pretty nice day out, so for those worried tonight would be MLS Cup part 2, do not worry. 

Tonight does not mean a whole lot for Canada. They have already qualified in style with that nil nil snoozer on Friday, and now advance to play Honduras, Panama and Cuba. But what the players and coaches on the roster have mentioned multiple times in both Sunday's and Monday's practice was that tonight would be a game for the fans. They want to close off the round in style, and Stephen Hart said he sees this as the first step towards preparing for Round 3. 

Many young guys will get a look tonight, and expect Canada to try to put at least 4 in the net for the home fans. Stephen Hart`s soup is tasting somewhat lukewarm right now, and he`ll need to add a couple teaspoons of Frank`s Red Hot to the pot. A lot of fans were calling for Hart's head after Friday. So if Canada wins like it's expected to tonight, the result will more than likely tame the fire for a couple months.

It`s always disheartening to see an empty BMO Field, and I expect the smallest crowd out of all 3 games tonight. We`re playing St.Kitt's on a Tuesday night in November, and we've already qualified. So let's all have some fun, enjoy the match, and not worry about the potential fans watching on Sportsnet that will laugh when they see a sad looking BMO Field.

I (Keaton Robbins) will be updating the game thread in the comments section in the press box at BMO Field as the game goes along. My cameraman Tim Milne will be down on the field snapping photos during the game, and we will also get in on all the pressers and post match interviews as well. So look for some photos and video of the game tomorrow morning right here at Waking the Red. 

Taste the Soup, Allez Les Rouges, Go Canada Go, and all that jazz. And remember, you can enjoy tonight, because Round 3 will be 90 times more stressful!