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Toronto FC 2011 Top 40 Countdown: Number 24 - Mikael Yourassowsky

Good falling Mikael, good falling.
Good falling Mikael, good falling.

The Toronto FC Top 40 Countdown continues, and I must confess I was quite unprofessionally drunk after the Canada game when I wrote my part of this so maybe I didn't do him justice, who knows.  Anyway, at number 24, it's everyone's favourite diving Belgian, Mikael Yourassowsky.

Average Ranking: 24.364
Highest Ranking: 14
Lowest Ranking: 34

Duncan: 25.  Mikael Yourassowsky.  Without a doubt one of the greatest names in TFC history, and one of the most erratic players as well.  Often barnstorming and swashbuckling down the wing from the full back position, and often infuriating and incompetent in his defensive responsibilities.  Another one of the Europeans brought in at the start of the season who quickly proved themselves no more useful than the average North Americans who could fill the roster at a lower price without using up an international spot.

He undeniably had some skill, and some good games here and there, though most of what I can remember of him doing well is when going forward and supporting the Left Winger, which isn't ideal when your main responsibility should be defending.

There's three things I'll really remember about Yourassowsky once he inevitably disappears from our radar screens, which I'm expecting to happen this off season.  Firstly, there's his tendency to fall over and dive, more so than any other TFC player I can remember.  I'm never a fan of that sort of thing, and I hate it when players on my team do it, as it takes away that sense of moral superiority that I so enjoy, so let's just say that very much soured me against him.

Next up is the second yellow card he got in TFC's home opener against Portland Timbers.  Already booked, he was subbed off at the end to use up some seconds.  He took that a bit too far for the ref's liking and he ended up getting a second yellow card for timewasting.  Given it didn't end up costing us a result, a very amusing, if petty sending off.

Lastly, and by far the most positive thing he did with TFC was scoring the winning goal against Vancouver in the Voyageur Cup final second leg.  Not a spectacular finish by any means, but a good team goal, started and finished by Yourassowsky, with a good run to keep up with the attack, and possibly a foul to get past the Vancouver defender and then knock Joao Plata's cross into the empty net.

So thanks for that Mikael, and good luck in whatever lower European league you find yourself in next season.

Dave: 22. He was solid for Toronto and managed to get one of my favourite sending offs ever as he decided he wanted to take all day when getting subbed off. He played a fair few games for Toronto this season but did not do all that much to impress or win the fans over. He did seem to have the ability to play in a couple of different spots but he was best as a defender but even there he was relegated to a depth role by the end of the season.

Keaton: 14. He's fast, and runs pretty good down the wings. And his name is Your Ass Ow Sky. His last name screams Russian bar fight. Not a bad depth player for TFC, Yourassowsky was a lot of fun to watch, but very one dimensional

Peter Meraw. Played with passion but often tried to do too much, a useful sub

Kristin: Dive, super-villain, dive...

James. Like the tenacity, but lost his head too often. Good hustle, but also lazy at times. Good role-player, versatility a plus.

JC_Plante: His every presence irked me like no one since Andy Welsh. More even. His presence was a detriment to the team. Effort was strong, however.

The Yorkies. Falls down - gets cards. Good luck in your future endeavours

Canadian Texan. He scored a Cup winning goal so he's still good in my books

Devon Taylor. Immature at times, but at least he plays with passion. Gets an inflated ranking (16) for scoring the winner against Vancouver in the NCC.

Blindfolded Tank Driver. Get off Your Ass Ski! Frustrating guy, who could be so much better.

Number 25: Nathan Sturgis
Number 23: Javier Martina

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