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O Canada! Contest Wrap-up

A big congrats has to go out to all three of our finalists (read their stories here) but in the end we decided that the prize would be going the way of Tim Drodge.  For his participation he will soon receive the shirt that Partice Bernier wore in Canada's final match of this round of qualifying.

If you enjoyed Tim's story you can always find more of his writings over at View From The South Stands which is an excellent site.  I also have to once again express my gratitude to Patrice who was very kind to donate his jersey for this contest, and it is all the more special since it had been over a year since he had played for Canada so a long time since he had a match worn shirt.


Some more photos of the shirt, and my own little token from the game, are after the jump!


Front of the shirt showing both of the special badges and the full Umbro design


The official badge added to shirts for World Cup Qualifiers!


The back of the shirt showing Patrice's number 20


Proud member of the Voyageurs and now my shirt is even better!


The Signatures on the shirt closer up.  They are from Tosaint Ricketts, Ashtone Morgan, and Nana Attakora