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Toronto FC 2011 Top 40 Countdown: Number 38 - Dasan Robinson

No pictures of Robinson in TFC red available, but enjoy this picture of him using Brian Ching as a couch.
No pictures of Robinson in TFC red available, but enjoy this picture of him using Brian Ching as a couch.

Welcome back to the Toronto FC top 40 countdown, yesterday saw the barely seen Kyle Davies clinch number 39, and in a sign of just what a blockbuster trade that was, the number 38 spot goes to the player we gave up to get Davies.   Ladies and Gentlemen, number 32 on the pitch, number 38 in your hearts, please be upstanding for Dasan Robinson!

Average Rank: 37.455
Highest Rank: 31
Lowest Rank: 40

Duncan: 39. We all thought Dan Gargan had just been released with nobody but a small amount of cap relief coming back to TFC, but a few days later came news that he'd actually been traded to Chicago Fire for Dasan Robinson.  The Gargangster went on to play regularly for Chicago, scoring a goal against someone or other, and helping their late season surge to the edge of the playoffs.  Robinson?   Apparently he was good for Chicago back in 2009, but for TFC? Well it's difficult to say. 

It would be harsh to judge him on one substitute appearance, especially in that game in Panama where Tauro were falling all over, and the ref was doing his best Baldomero Toledo impression and thus every TFC defender became more or less scared to go anywhere near a tackle, but sadly that's all we've got to go on.  The game thread of that game has merely two mentions of Robinson, an intrigued "ooo Robinson" when he was subbed on, and a second half comment about the refereeing "Like Pavlov's Dog:  Robinson just expecting the call against him" and my match report ignores him completely.  That was it, and then he was traded.  The following comment from Canadian Texan in the trades evaluation post sums things up magnificently, some imagined dialogue from his Sick Kids visit.

 "Hi kids I’m TFC defender Dasan Robinson" "You don’t play for TFC" "…you’re right I don’t :( "

Keaton: 38. Robinson looked to be a pretty decent grab when Winter shipped Gargan for the Chicago defender. But Robinson never got a chance to show his "MLS experience" to the TFC faithful, and was shipped out before we knew how to spell his first name. Dasain? Desan? Dasan. Right.

More on Dasan Robinson after the jump, and feel free to add your own emotional tributes in the comments section.

Dave: 37. The one man who will be remembered for not really playing for TFC. Did not get a single minute of league action but did get to go and visit sick children who almost certainly had no clue who he was. Robinson had been solid with the Fire but now seems to spend more time away from the field then he does playing. His only 53 minutes for the Reds came in the win against Tauro where he had a team high 4 tackles. He will be forgotten in no time and I am sure many fans never even knew he played for Toronto

Blindfolded Tank Driver: Revolving door victim. Paid a lot for not giving a lot.

Canadian Texan: I tell the story of this man to my friends because I can't understand why he was brought in

The Yorkies: We like our Robinsons one way - Carl.

JC_Plante: Who?

James: He played? Enjoys In&Out Burger (a plus), but was happy to leave. At least he was a free acquisition

Alex: Who?

Red Wine Roz: Saw lots of people in Robinson Chicago.

Number 39: Kyle Davies:
Number 37: Keith Makubuya

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