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Toronto FC Expansion Draft protected list released.

Will Soolsma be part of the cool crowd? No, no he won't.  Interesting.
Will Soolsma be part of the cool crowd? No, no he won't. Interesting.

Today's the day all MLS had to submit their lists of protected players that Montreal Impact won't be able to choose from in Wednesday's barrel scraping, or expansion draft to give it it's official name. This will obviously leave us with the unprotected lists, the mediocre players the clubs would be ok with losing, or maybe better players they're gambling won't be picked up.

All this info was supposed to be released at 5pm today, but in true MLS style, journalists, bloggers supporters and anyone with an interest are all left hanging until MLS is good and ready, who knows when that will be.

Chicago and Real Salt Lake's lists did get leaked early, but Toronto FC is apparently one of the goody goodies that played by the rules and left it up to MLS to release.

When I hear anything I'll update this with the list of protected and available, in the meantime, move along, nothing to see here.

Unprotected list as finally released by MLS.

Borman, Danleigh,
Bouchiba, Elbekay
Cann, Adrian
Davies, Kyle
de Guzman, Julian
Gold, Matt
Griffit, Leandre
Marosevic, Peri
Martina, Javier
Omphroy, Demitrius
Soolsma, Nick
Sturgis, Nathan
Viator, Eddy
Williams, Dicoy
Yourasskowsky, Mikael
Zavarise, Gianluca

Which leaves the protected list as Follows

Stefan Frei
Milos Kocic
Richard Eckersley
Andy Iro
Ty Harden
Joao Plata
Terry Dunfield
Torsten Frings
Eric Avila
Danny Koevermans
Ryan Johnson

With the following homegrown players not needing protection, Ashtone, Morgan, Matt Stinson, Doneil Henry, Oscar Cordon, Keith Makubuya and Nicholas Lindsay.

I'm not entirely surprised by Julian de Guzman being left unprotected, his salary makes him a big gamble for Montreal. Adrian Cann being exposed rather than Ty Harden or Andy Iro is interesting. He may get taken, the other one I'd guess as a possibility is Peri Marosevic, I think Soolsma's internationalness would scare the Impact away.

I'd imagine there's better options elsewhere in the league though, I'd be surprised if we lose anyone.