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Tell me how am I supposed to live without you?

After the expansion draft came and went without Montreal picking up any of Toronto FC's tempting bait, TFC wasted no time confirming which players were being released, and wouldn't be back in 2012.  Demitrius Omphroy and Matt Gold had of course made their own announcements weeks ago, and today they were joined by 5 players with a bit more discretion to make a not so magnificent 7.  As an indication of what a large number that is, there were only 31 players let go throughout the entire league, and only New York came close to trimming as much fat as TFC did, with 6 players.

Little used defenders Eddy Viator and Kyle Davies and barely seen midfielder/winger? Leandre Griffit were not surprising at all. Canadian Gianluca Zavarise was probably the most surprising, and even that isn't really shocking. The 7th name is probably the saddest, his outright release providing a definitive exclamation point to the dramatic fall in Javier Martina's fortunes since that game against Portland.

There's no real shocks or sadness, Omphroy and Gold maybe deserved a bit more time, but there's no-one I'm really angry about.  Possibly most surprising is some of the players who weren't let go, Danleigh Borman, Nathan Sturgis and Mikael Yourassowsky can probably all count themselves as lucky to still be around, maybe it's just due to not wanting to make the rebuilding task too big.

Hopefully though this is the last time that TFC has this much dead weight to get rid of, and we'll finally have some stability going forward.  To the recently departed, well there's none of them that I'd hate enough to say good riddance to, so I say thanks for your efforts and good luck with your future.