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Toronto FC 2011 Top 40 Countdown: Number 16 - Terry Dunfield

Look at all that wasted beer!  For shame Terry, for shame.  Photo courtesy of <a href="" target="new">Canadian Soccer Association</a>
Look at all that wasted beer! For shame Terry, for shame. Photo courtesy of Canadian Soccer Association

The Toronto FC Top 40 Countdown continues and from here on in, it's very heavy on the second half of the season.  At number 16, in what I think is a bit of a Canada influenced vote, it's Terry Dunfield.

Average Ranking: 17.545
Highest ranking: 10
Lowest ranking: 30

Duncan: 26 Another player who scored more goals against TFC than for us this year.  I was very happy when I found out TFC had picked up Terry Dunfield, I'd seen a few Whitecaps games and he looked good, all energy and effort, and of course he's a Canadian international.  The fact that he'd scored an absolute screamer for Canada against Ecuador at BMO Field just a month or so earlier certainly didn't hurt either.  His celebrations endeared me to him as well, both in that game, and if I looked at it dispassionately, his jumping into the crowd after scoring for Vancouver against Toronto, great stuff.

As a side note at half time of that Canada/Ecuador game, I ended up in the same beer line as Duane Rollins.   A former Man City player had just scored a great goal for Canada, then jumped over the ad boards and ran to the crowd right in front of him, close enough to give him a hearty slap on the ass or two, he was positively giddy.

I had a few doubts when it was announced, nagging little voices in my head that once you take out the emotion and the effort, he's not really all that good.  That's he's a very limited player who can do a basic job well, but struggles when asked to do too much.   Might he be just be the rich man's midfield Dan Gargan, a popular 'character and effort' guy whose skills aren't quite good enough to warrant a regular spot?

He was injured when he arrived, and didn't get his first action until the end of July, and then soon Eric Avila came along in exchange for Maicon Santos, and he took the third midfield spot alongside Torsten Frings and Julian de Guzman, with Dunfield effectively relegated to 5th in the midfield depth chart, also behind Ryan Johnson.

He only played in 6 MLS games, with just two of them starts, and he didn't really contribute that much to the CCL either, and didn't firmly dispel my doubts about his ability.  I'm very happy he was protected and look forward to him being with TFC next year, but I think his high position is more a reflection of his Canada heroics and his connection with fans.

Am I really going to end my bit by linking to that risk CCL advert again? Yes, yes I am.   Though he seems an articulate and friendly player in real life and intelligent and well spoken in interviews, reciting scripted lines is clearly not his forte.  Eat your heart out Danny 'How so?' Dichio

Dave: 19 Many TFC fans were excited to see him play for the team when he was acquired for the Whitecaps midseason. In the end though his involvement in the team seemed to be a bit limited by issues like cards and injuries. He did manage to get into 6 MLS matches this season and played a role in the CCL where he proved that he does have the quality to be a solid partner in the midfield with De Guzman. Along with JDG and Frings he should be part of a solid central midfield trio going into next season.

Keaton: 10. Terry. Canuck. Plays hard. Way too happy. Great middy. I refuse to say anything bad about a guy who's worked for everything he's ever accomplished. I wish we had a million Terrys.

Peter Meraw: Hilarious interview, keeps team loose, and can play a bit. Will always be remembered for his glorious strike for Canada vs. Ecuador and subsequent run into the stands, weeks after Tchani got penalized for same for TFC.

Blindfolded Tank Driver: Oddly under utilized by Winter, not sure what to think about him and his future with TFC

Devon Taylor: It's tough being third in your position as a holding midfielder, but Dunfield has made the most of his appearances and performed reasonably well.

Canadian Texan: Hard work and perseverance gets rewarded with a CMNT call. Good stuff

Jimmy Stone: Will play a bigger part next season undoubtedly.

The Yorkies: A curious pick-up but a seemingly good veteran presence

JC_Plante: I want more from him. He can be the third option behind frings/JDG and will be number 1 as soon as they're done. Our Defensive mid of the future

James: Late addition, love the guy, wanted to see more patience on the ball, but must have been a whirlwind of a season coming home, adjusting, getting traded. Back next year.

Kristin: Solid. Stays calm, ball distribution is decent. Should improve with more time with the team.

Number 17: Maicon Santos
Number 15: Ty Harden

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