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Toronto FC 2011 Top 40 Countdown: Number 13 - Peri Marosevic

TFC's in game tickling certainly improved after Marosevic's arrival.
TFC's in game tickling certainly improved after Marosevic's arrival.

The Toronto FC Top 40 countdown enters it's last couple of weeks and number 13 is someone who has the potential to be higher, but based on this season, probably deserves to be lower, Peri Marosevic.

Average Ranking: 16.364
Highest Ranking: 7
Lowest Ranking: 31

Duncan: 13 Okay, let's try and be fair here.  I won't let his flashy boots, his stupid douchebag footballer, Ronaldo wannabe, greasy fauxhawk hair, thin pointy sideburns and ridiculously high squad number affect my judgement.  I'll try and give an honest appraisal of his year, but c'mon, number 70?  awful.  Okay deep breath.  

Marosevic arrived in July as a free agent signing after being released by FC Dallas.  He'd been with Dallas since 2009, on a Generation Adidas contract, but played only 47 minutes over 4 games with the first team.  Probably his biggest achievement while he was there was featuring in's gallery of Major League Soccer's most talented guys-next-door in 2009.  "Find out what these hotties are looking for in a girl while staring at their steamy pics".  Marvell Wynne and Will Johnson are in there as well, if you do nothing else all day, check it out, you won't be disappointed.  Alright, "be fair, honest appraisal, look past the superficial" I can do this.  

He finally got his chance with TFC and pretty soon he displayed the talent that got him that GA contract, but also displayed why that talent never translated into a first team place with Dallas.  Most of his games were at Right Wing, though he also played at Attacking Midfield sometimes in the CCL when Eric Avila was ineligible.  At times he looked good, more skillful and faster than the Right Wing alternative Nick Soolsma, but he just looked unreliable, often disappearing and not providing any kind of consistent play.  All of that led to him being on the bench more often that not, and being left off TFC's protected list despite the loss of his Generation Adidas status, and led to him not being chosen by Montreal.

Though he wasn't able to displace Soolsma as first choice at Right Wing, he did provide something that makes him worth keeping around for next year, which is a genuine secondary scoring threat.  A lucky deflected goal in his debut against Portland was followed by a tap in, capitalising on the D.C goalie punching the ball into the back of a defender, but he fully deserved his 3rd goal.  That was in the home game against Pumas, a very calm finish, simply passing the ball into the side netting after being set up by Danny Koevermans.

Overall, I'd be happy to have him around next year, but hopefully it'll be mainly as a substitute.  I'd put him behind Avila and Soolsma in our current depth list, and hopefully there'll be new additions to the team we don't know about yet that might push him further down.  To make sure he doesn't get pushed off the squad completely, he'll have to become a lot more reliable.  He definitely has the talent, but I'd say next year is probably his last chance to prove he can develop the consistent end product to be able to stay in the league and remain eligible for teen magazines 'hottest MLS player' lists in the future.

Less flash, more solidity.  Maybe start with a decent haircut.  Oh, and pick a proper number.  Bah!

Dave: 18. Peri, Peri, Peri. Hard to know what to make of him this season really. He had his moments of real quality like his calm finish against Pumas which kept TFC alive in the CCL but he also had matches where he seemed to disappear from things. He was able to play on the wing in the league and in the central attacking midfield role in the CCL which was nice as it allowed the team to hardly miss a beat with Avila being unavailable to play in those games. He was acquired from FC Dallas and managed to show signs of why he is a Generation Adidas player. Still a ways to go before he lives up to his potential but he has time to improve.

Keaton: 13. Marosevic was a nasty nasty pick up. I like the way this guy plays, and I like how honest he is about his game. If injuries pile up next year for our forwards I'm very confident with Marosevic stepping up.

Peter Meraw: A nice surprise, he and Avila are the kind of lower cost younger surprise gems that we will need to find to be competitive in the bizarro MLS salary cap system

Kristin: Great energy - good spark.

Michelle: I think he is one to watch next season.

James: Pleasant addition that really added a spark as TFC came together in the second half, hope he sticks around at a reasonable cost.

JC_Plante: A pistol off the bench, he can play that role/spark - the Adam Johnson role

The Yorkies: A good young depth player who wants to be here

Canadian Texan: I don't know how he factors in to the starting 11 without injuries

Devon Taylor: A nice addition to the team, hopefully we see more from him next year.

Ignirtoq: Isn't it nice to see someone else's reject thriving here for once instead of the usual other-way-around scenario?

Blindfolded tank Driver:  Peri had good games and invisible games. Consistency would make him harder to keep out of the lineup.

Number 14: Matt Stinson
Number 12: Alan Gordon

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