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Toronto FC Acquire Jeremy Hall from Dallas

Could not even find a picture of Jeremy Hall at FC Dallas but soon we will have pictures of him at TFC!  At least he is better then a second round pick right!
Could not even find a picture of Jeremy Hall at FC Dallas but soon we will have pictures of him at TFC! At least he is better then a second round pick right!

As I noted yesterday trade season is now upon us and Toronto FC have made their first move this afternoon. The club announced that they have acquired 23 year old defender (sometimes Midfielder) Jeremy Hall from FC Dallas. In exchange the Reds have parted ways with a second round pick in the 2013 Super Draft.

The price of a second round draft pick is very low and Hall should provide some extra coverage to the backline without taking up an international slot or much cap space. For Hall this will be the fourth club in his career but more notably it will be his third club in less then a year. Having been drafted by New York in the 2009 MLS Superdraft Hall showed promise and ended up making 37 appearances for the club before he was sent to the Portland Timbers in exchange for a 3rd round pick. He seemed to be a regular fixture in the Timbers lineup making 17 appearances before the middle of August when he was again traded. This time he was sent to FC Dallas in exchange for Eric Alexander. He only made 4 appearances at FC Dallas and seemed surplus to their needs at the back.

Hall is not the kind of player who is going to push for starter type minutes and he by no means fixes any of the issues in Toronto's back line but he should provide the club with serviceable depth in defense. With his price tag being only a second round draft pick it is hard to be critical of this trade since we have all seen how rare it is to get quality outside of the early picks in the Super Draft.

Hall is not a defender by trade but has often been used there in the MLS so under Aron Winter we could end up seeing him used in more of a winger role from time to time. With Toronto having shed seven players from the bottom end of the roster Hall will surely be given his chances to impress in preseason so we will have to wait and see what he had to offer.

Thoughs from Daniel Robertson of Big D Soccer, SB Nation's FC Dallas blog after the jump.

Jeremy Hall is a tough case. He’s a guy with obvious potential, but in his short time with FC Dallas he just didn’t play very well at all. He was at fault for both goals in Pumas 2-0 Champions League win and simply played poorly in just about every game. He looked afraid to cross the halfway line and wasn’t good enough at 1v1 defending for a left back. Then there’s also the fact that he is on the hook for more than $125,000 on the salary cap which is way too much for an outside back that isn’t even starting.

The biggest problem with Hall for FCD fans, however, is that he was traded for Eric Alexander, a versatile midfielder with a tiny contract who had a cup of coffee with the national team in January. The second round pick is basically nothing to an FCD roster with so many homegrown players, but the $125,000 off the salary cap and Hall out of Dallas is a nice touch.

Hall’s contract should be up after 2012, his fourth year in MLS, so Toronto fans shouldn’t worry too much about that. If he can put it together, he’s a quick defender with decent positioning skills that can serve as an adequate backup.

Hmm, doesn't exactly sound promising does it? Oh well for a second round pick in 2013 (which will no doubt be 38th overall after we totally tear the league a new one next year) was never going to fetch much was it. Hopefully he'll stay longer than Dasan Robinson or Kyle Davies did.