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Big Day For Canada and Jonathan De Guzman

I know that Yellow and Red really do clash but could Jonathan De Guzman seriously be considering Canada after all these years of breaking our hearts?
I know that Yellow and Red really do clash but could Jonathan De Guzman seriously be considering Canada after all these years of breaking our hearts?

It is not often as Canadian fans that we are afforded the chance to really get excited about something going our way. It seems to we are far too often left to bemoan another star player being unwilling to pull on the Red and White of Canada and opting to play for a country that gives them a better chance of success on a bigger stage. Today though Canada got a real glimmer of hope thanks to Toronto FC's own Julian De Guzman.

The fact that Julian's brother, Jonathan, was unwilling to play for Canada and chose to instead carry a Dutch passport is something that has long bothered Julian and has probably been the subject of endless conversations between the two brothers. So today, when The Score's James Sharman asked Julian once more if he had any update on the potential of his younger brother suiting up for Canada he was almost certainly not expecting the answer that he got. (Video of the interview after the jump!)

If Canada could add Jonathan De Guzman to its current roster it would lead to an instant and vast improvement in the country's midfield as the Villarreal mid is highly rated as well as a gifted attacker. The only person in the country who might not be happy about this news would be Dwayne De Rosario who would almost certainly lose his starting spot if JDG2 does end up playing for Canada.

This is only one part of the story in what was a very exciting day for CMNT fans. The rest is after the break.

In the video clip below it is clear that not even Sharms thinks that he is going to get the news from JDG that all Canadian fans have been longing to hear but when Julian does say that his brother is talking to the CSA about getting his passport back there is suddenly even more reason to be hopeful about Canada's chances about making it to Brazil 2014. Then the real cherry on top of all of that is that Julian remarks that his brother has already asked for David (Junior) Hoillet's phone number to talk to him about his international options. So by the end of a 1:31 long clip Canadian fans not only have reason to be hopeful about Jonathan suiting up for Canada, but we are also given just one more reason to dream that Junior might join him in what would be the biggest announcement in this countries soccer history.

The Jonathan news is not completely out of the blue as he did make some comments that he might be open to playing for Canada if he could get his passport back when he was on the Beyond the Pitch podcast just a couple of days ago. The following is a rough quote of what he had to say at around the 8 minute mark of that link:

"I was actually talking to some close friends about this situation, then again Im 24 years old and I made my decision in 2008 about playing for Holland and I haven’t got the senior callup and then again I have a passport and don’t have a Canadian passport but then again if there is a chance of getting that passport again then I’ll rethink that thought again of course".

So even from his own mouth there is an indication that Jonathan is more open than ever to the idea of playing for Canada. He also suggests that his conversations with fellow Yellow Submarine, Giuseppe Rossi might have something to do with his reconsidering Canada. Well, that and the fact that the Netherlands senior team just shows no signs of calling him up.

But before we get ahead of ourselves there is one other piece of Canadian news worth sharing and that is the fact that Soccer by Ives is reporting that Dejan Jakovic of DC United will be heading over to England to train with West Bromich Albion this winter.

So now here is the clip!