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Toronto FC Top 40 Countdown: Number 37 - Keith Makubuya

He did play.  This proves it.
He did play. This proves it.

The Toronto FC Top 40 Countdown continues.  So far, we've had players whose first team contributions were limited to a solitary substitution appearance, and today's no exception.  Today though we get our first academy kid, so I'll try and play nice.  He's going to rise rapidly through the rankings in the coming years, but for now he's at 37, Keith Makubuya

Average Rank: 36:409
Highest Rank: 31
Lowest Rank: 40

Duncan:  37. Boo-Ya!  Chuckle, that was fun.  Having fun with his name was pretty much all the impact Makubuya's first team season had on me.  The St. Catherines native started strongly, coming off the bench to play the entire second half of the first game of the season in Vancouver.  TFC's website tells me he took two shots, but he didn't feature at all in the game in 6 highlights package so they can't have been that threatening.  Up until doing some research for this, I thought his name was spelt Makabuya, that can't be a good sign.

Obviously he's one for the future, and he apparently did ok with the reserves, so unlike numbers 40-38, I'm hoping he'll be back and I'm confident he'll contribute in the seasons to come.  What the hell, one more time, Boo Ya!

Keaton: 33. I wasn't sure if Makubuya was an impulse signing that happened when all the other lads were signed to the first team. But it can only be positive that he's training with the big guys everyday. Keith is still very young, and hopefully will get some regular time with the reserves soon. Has to be the least known of all the homegrown signings.

Dave: 36. He is one for the future but at the start of this year it almost looked like he was going to be one for the present. He got a few minutes against the Whitecaps in the season opener but nothing since then. The good news is that he did manage to pot a few goals for the reserve team so he still has a chance of making a difference for the club down the road. With several of his fellow academy team mates making an impact this season he will certainly want to join in on that fun next year.

It gets emotional with voter comments after the jump, Keith really made an impression on people, but I won't name and shame the person who put him 40th because she thought he didn't play at all this year.  Feel free to add your own memories in the comments section.

Blindfolded Tank Driver: Who?

Devon Taylor: Who?

Canadian Texan: He played a game....didn't know that

Red Wine Roz: Maku-who-ya?

The Yorkies: Not enough chances to yell "Booyah!" at him

James: Showed decently in terrible opening match, then disappeared.

Alex: Erm… who?

Number 38: Dasan Robinson
Number 36: Eddy Viator

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