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How to make yourself feel good about Toronto FC.

Over at Major league Soccer, they've started a series where every day they release a video of every goal a particular team scored in MLS in 2011. Watch your team score goal after goal, all of them one after the other, with none of that pesky being scored against that makes you look all bad and everything. They started this week and they're going from the bottom of the league up, so of course that means that very early on it's Toronto FC's turn to feature. Here they are, every MLS goal, from De Rosario against Vancouver to Koevermans against New England.

But what with me being all contrary and 'stick it to the man'ish I'm going to feature this independently done one instead, TFC's top 33 goals of 2011 (why 33? who knows?) mainly because it also includes Voyageurs Cup and CCL goals, and let's face it, that's what this season was all about.

Some good goals and great moments in there, and it's also worth watching just to see how Koevermans excels at finding space in the box to be able to score.