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Toronto FC Top 40 Countdown: Number 36 - Eddy Viator

Everyone loves Frings.  If i copy what he does exactly, people will love me right?  No Eddy, no they won't.
Everyone loves Frings. If i copy what he does exactly, people will love me right? No Eddy, no they won't.

Welcome back to the Toronto FC Top 40 Countdown.  We finally make our way to the ranks of those that played more than 90 minutes and actually started a game, or to put it another way, those who actually got a decent chance to show they weren't good enough this year.  This man definitely showed he wasn't good enough, at number 36, it's Guadeloupian international Eddy Viator.

Average Rank: 35.182
Highest Rank: 26
Lowest Rank: 39

Duncan:  36. He arrived in Mid July, amid the flurry of moves made when the transfer window opened. TFC clearly needed a defender, he's a Guadeloupe international who had played relatively well against Canada at the Gold Cup, he had to be an improvement right?  Despite his international past, my report on his signing was a very bare two paragraphs, ending with 'That's all I've got really, a meh post for what I think is a bit of a meh signing. Prove me wrong Eddy, prove me wrong!' Needless to say he didn't.

He played a few games, becoming our first player so far in the series to have made more than one appearance, but still, didn't do enough to really make an impression, and didn't even do enough to force his way into the Andy Iro/Ty Harden Centre Back partnership which was a bit of a disaster for a good few games after Eddy's arrival.  His first start came right after arriving in the 1-0 defeat at home against FC Dallas at Right Back. I reported him as looking alarmingly rusty and not on the same page as the rest of the team, not really surprising I suppose, and going against Brek Shea was definitely a tough assignment.   His second game was 90 minutes at Right Back in the defensive nightmare that was the 4-2 defeat at Sporting Kansas City.  He didn't see the starting lineup again, clearly playing himself behind youngsters Matt Stinson and Doneil Henry in the defensive depth chart.

Keaton: 37. Oh Eddy. You have Gold Cup experience. And you played really bad your first game for the Reds. Eddy looked to be a great replacement to help clog the defensive leak in the middle of the park but he also never got settled in as a starting defender for the squad. I think Eddy will be somewhere else next season.


Dave: 35 He played for the team? Not going to lie I barely even have a clue who he is and I actually only ever saw him play in one game so it is next to impossible for me to actually analyze his skill or ability. I somehow doubt that the management team ever had high hopes for him and he was just an after thought in a trade. I doubt he will ever get a real chance with the club.


Blindfolded Tank Driver: The Violator had little impact other than adding depth. A scratch and win ticket that yielded a "Play Again"

Canadian Texan: Wasn't a fan

The Yorkies: File under "Emergency Buy"

Macs_Daddy: Not much of a chance to see what he could do

Red Wine Roz: Meh

James: I like the idea of having a Guadeloupean, but barely saw him. Yellow Cards.

Alex: Played, but worse than some that didn't!

Number 37: Keith Makubuya
Number 35: Demitrius Omphroy

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