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Matt Gold released by Toronto FC.


@mattgoald Matt Gold It's not often we have the opportunity for God to blatantly point us to the next stage of our life. Todays one of those days. #notincharge


That was a tweet this morning from Toronto FC midfielder Matt Gold. He later confirmed on Twitter that God, or perhaps more pertinently in this case Aron Winter, had decided he wouldn't be back with TFC next year. No details have been released by the club as of yet, but presumably that means a straight forward release from his contract.

Gold was drafted 43rd overall in the 2011 Superdraft, and played a small part in TFC's season, making 6 appearances in all competitions (according to wikipedia that is, Toronto FC's website seems to have deleted him from the season's stats history for some reason EDIT: No they didn't i just didn't notice page 2, ahem.). It's not a massive surprise, as without doing any research at all, I'd imagine 3rd round draft picks don't have a massive success rate in MLS.

I'll take this opportunity to show my favourite Matt Gold moment, trying to join Joao Plata and Maicon Santos to celebrate a goal, before realising he should just slowly back away.

Best of luck in the future Matt, and I hope you find more generous dance partners wherever you end up next.