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Toronto FC 2011 Top 40 Countdown: Number 34 - Matt Gold

The best available picture of Matt Gold I could find.
The best available picture of Matt Gold I could find.

The Toronto FC top 40 countdown continues and at the end of the first week, we finally make the jump into the mushy middle of players who were alright, didn't have a huge impact, but weren't terrible/anonymous.  Bringing up the rear in that category is another recently released player, at number 34, it's Matt Gold.

Average Rank: 31.136
Highest Rank: 20
Lowest Rank: 37

Duncan: 30. Matt Gold was a 3rd round draft pick, 43rd overall in the 2011 superdraft.  Though he wasn't quite as ubiquitous as fellow draftee Demitrius Omphroy, it's still probably on Twitter where he made the biggest impression on TFC fans, from his clever punny twitter handle, to his ongoing quest to find a good church in Toronto, right through to announcing his own release, after being shown the d'Or (puns in French, that's what readers want right?  Here's another, TFC treated him like a d'Or Matt! Haw-hee-haw-hee-haw!) on Friday.

Despite being a Goldmine(!) for pun loving bloggers, he didn't exactly strike Gold(!) on the pitch, making 6 appearances all together over the season.  In MLS play, he made three substitute appearances totaling 45 minutes all together, all in the shambolic first half of the season, and he also made 3 sub appearances in cup competitions, firstly in the home leg against Edmonton.  

His biggest impact came in his last two appearances, both vitally important games in TFC's season.  He came on in the away leg of the Voyageurs Cup final in Vancouver, he and Oscar Cordon just about doing enough to keep TFC in it after both Jacob Peterson and Tony Tchani had to leave with injuries in the first half.  His last appearance was in TFC's home CCL game against Pumas, replacing Richard Eckersley and playing 15 minutes out of position at Right Back, helping the heroic defensive effort that saw an undermanned TFC hold on for what at the time seemed to be a crucial point.

His release isn't a giant surprise, and isn't really that much of a disappointment, he had the potential to be a decent MLS level depth player but probably not much more than that, might as well take the roster spot and roll the dice on drafting someone who might end up offering more than that.  Best of luck to him, and at least he'll always have his Waking the Red award, Best impression of a 9th grade boy at the prom for this awkward moment.

More Golden memories after the jump, all of which were submitted before he was released.

Dave: 34. Was a decent young player when he got the chance to play. Not much to judge him on in his first season with the club but he showed he could play as a defensive midfielder or a defender when needed. For me the biggest impression of Gold comes from twitter where he comes across as very nice and willing to engage fans. Hopefully he can build on his handful or appearances this season.

Keaton: 35. Matt Gold made the team because TFC secretly have a quota to have at least two gingers on the team. I never really got to see Gold play. But he's got a cool last name and seems pretty awkward, so he can stay.


Peter Meraw: Young and didn't see lots of minutes.

James: Excellent Twitter handle; but likes country music.

The Yorkies: Eckersley already filled the "Ginger quota"

Canadian Texan: I get distracted by his hair

Blindfolded Tank Driver: Tweets more about soccer than plays it.

Number 35: Demitrius Omphroy
Number 33: Oscar Cordon

Full top 40 so far.