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O Canada! Its Contest Time

With this month marking the last round of Canadian Mens National team games for a while we figured that it was time to run a bit of a contest.  The prize is still being sorted out but it will be something very worth winning as I am currently talking with Patrice Bernier about him donating something.  As soon as I know more details I will share them but we are hoping to get a signed CMNT top from him or maybe even something game used.

So now that you know that you absolutely want this prize I bet you are wondering what you are going to have to do to win it.  Well the contest is actually quite simple, there is no guess work involved at all! (The Smarter than contest has its own sweet prize!).  What we are looking for you to do is share with us your best Canadian fan story.  It can be recounting the tale of how you first came to support the national team, how far you have gone to support them, or just your greatest memory of being a fan of Canada.

To enter the contest all you have to do is email your story to me at and please keep all entries under 2000 words in length.  We will be accepting entries for the contest right up until Sunday November 12th at 11:59.  Then on Monday afternoon I will post the three best entries on the blog and we will announce the winner before the kickoff of the final game on the 15th. 

So if you want to win a prize donated by Patrice Bernier all you have to do is tell me your best story as a Canadian fan.  Sounds simple right?  So there is no reason to not get involved!