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Toronto FC 2011 Top 40 Countdown: Number 31 - Gianluca Zavarise

It almost looks really cool, but the closed eyes kind of ruin it.
It almost looks really cool, but the closed eyes kind of ruin it.

The Toronto FC 2011 Top 40 countdown just keeps on going.  Today, it all gets a bit meh!  Not bad enough to hate, not good enough to really notice, at number 31, it's Gianluca Zavarise.

Average Rank: 29.318
Highest Rank: 24
Lowest Rank: 38

Duncan: 32.  What is there to say about Gianluca Zavarise?  Probably the most mediocre player on the squad this year, he played a few times, was never really terrible, but absolutely never really stood out as any kind of attacking threat.  He did get an assist in the season opener in vancouver, helping to get the ball quickly from defence up to Maicon Santos, so that's nice I suppose.  He was part of what must be very much in contention for the worst TFC midfield ever, when he, Nathan Sturgis and Dan Gargan had to try and go up against Real Salt Lake.  Including second half sub Matt Stinson they completed 64 passes between them, Kyle Beckerman alone had 85.  After another anonymous performance in the home game against Real Esteli, he made what's probably his greatest contribution to the TFC cause, getting himself injured, which brought Joao Plata into the game, and he scored twice to finally get the grand CCL adventure going.

Even his hair is non committal, a silly faux hawk, but it's very short, as if he's afraid to really embrace a proper 'look at me' douchebag footballing haircut like Peri Marosevic or Demitrius Omphroy.  Bafflingly, he's a Canadian international, though I can't imagine he's close to Stephen Hart's radar for further caps, and at age 25, you can't really say he's young and will get better.  Cancon's nice and all, but frankly, I'd be shocked to see him back next year.

There's a whole lot more meh after the jump. 

Keaton: 28: Zavarise looked to be a good pick up because he's Canadian. But everytime he's stepped on the field for TFC, he's really bothered me. Zavarise is a bench MLS player, and lacks vision and ball control in the final 3rd. Zavarise is the first Canadian that I've really not taken a liking to. Maybe he can prove me wrong next year.

Dave: 29. Another one of the clubs depth midfielders. Not really all that special and at 25 years old not likely to get all that much better. As the team started to bring in more and more mids of higher quality even his sub appearances all but disappeared. He did manage to pick up an assist this season which I can not recall for the life of me.

Peter Meraw: Demonstrated little in his few minutes

Kristin: Yay for Canadian content?

James: Disappointing, but barely got a look in. Hope he's back next season and finds some better footing.

The Yorkies: If he wasn't Canadian he'd get a lot more stick

Canadian Texan: He's Canadian

Blindfolded Tank Driver: Need to see more to decide. Reserve.

Number 32: Alen Stevanovic
Number 30: Nana Attakora

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