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MLS Re Entry Draft: Stage 2

Whoa, easy Peter.
Whoa, easy Peter.

Welcome North American soccer nerds to the second stage of what we know as the MLS Re Entry draft, a process confusing to even the most tuned in of MLS hardcore. To most, the Re Entry draft may appear to be one of 32 off season drafts in Major League Soccer. To to those that love MLS, they understand that today is about their team picking up an overpriced, experienced(usually) MLS vet to send their potential MLS Cup contender over the top.

Looking back on last years transactions during Stage 2 of the Re Entry draft, it appears today could be loads of fun. Players like Juan Pablo Angel, Jimmy Conrad, Frankie Hejduk , Jeff Cunningham, Tyrone Marshall, Josh Wolff, Joseph Ngwenya, Fred, and Ryan Cochrane were all selected.

The Re Entry draft is taking place today at 2 pm, and you can follow along at with their draft tracker. In Stage 1 of the draft, only three players were selected: Alvarez, Mendes, and Borman. But as stated before, I'm expecting today to be a lot more lively.

Also a positive is that TFC isn't losing anyone today. We lost Borman in Stage 1, so that was a big enough loss in itself. (Kidding, but still a little bitter about what we got in return for Dero.

There are a couple players that definitely stand out right away as players that could improve a team. Here's my short list of guys that light up the Re Entry Draft list.:

Peter Vagenas, M- Whitecaps FC ( I really want Peter to be picked up by Montreal, because this would be like his 7th year going to another expansion team.)

Greg Janicki, D- Whitecaps FC

Nate Jaqua, F- Sounders FC

Scott Sealy, F- San Jose Earthquakes

Jacob Peterson, M- San Jose Earthquakes (I really want Montreal, or Vancouver to pick Peterson, because then he'll retire or something like that. Because that's what all the cool American kids are threatening these days.)

Blake Wagner, M- Real Salt Lake

Stefani Miglioranzi, M- Philadelphia Union

Chris Albright, D- New York Red Bulls

Kheli Dube, F- New England Revolution

Ryan Cochrane, D- New England Revolution (Take one look at his stache and tell me he's not worth signing.)

Ryan Pore, M- Montreal Impact (Still a little confused on why Pore was left out by the Impact.)

Hunter Freeman, D - Houston Dynamo (Remember when Hunter was too good for MLS, and left for Europe? Well he's back, but lost his starting job in Houston.)

Eddie Robinson, D - Houston Dynamo

Maicon Santos, F - FC Dallas (I could see Maicon bouncing around MLS for the rest of his career, as sad as I am to say that. When settled, he can really added to the lineup, but not you're go to guy and really not a striker you build around.)

Maykel Galindo, F - FC Dallas

Joseph Ngwenya, F - DC United

Steve Cronin, GK - DC United

Mariano Trujillo, M - Chivas USA

Baggio Husidic, M - Chicago Fire

Shavar Thomas, D - Sporting Kansas City

So there's the best bet in Stage 2 of the Re Entry draft, but you're probably wondering who chooses when. So below I have listed the Draft order. Of note, Whitecaps get first crack, TFC is 3rd, and the Montreal Impact are last.

Re Entry Draft Selection Order

  1. Seattle Sounders FC *Swapped with Whitecaps
  2. New England Revolution
  3. Toronto FC
  4. Chivas USA
  5. San Jose Earthquakes
  6. D.C. United
  7. Portland Timbers
  8. Chicago Fire
  9. Columbus Crew
  10. FC Dallas
  11. New York Red Bulls
  12. Philadelphia Union
  13. Colorado Rapids
  14. Vancouver Whitecaps FC *Swapped with Sounders
  15. Sporting Kansas City
  16. Real Salt Lake
  17. Houston Dynamo
  18. LA Galaxy
  19. Montreal Impact
As for predictions about who TFC could sign, Kurtis Larson recently chatted with Paul Mariner about the draft, along with many other topics. Larson said Mariner isn't ruling out Stage 2 of the Draft, but remember TFC don't have a lot of cap room. Plus I don't see any amazing defenders with MLS experience on that list.

Sure Freeman, Albright or even Shavar Thomas could do a decent job, but they'd have to come at the right price. So that's it for now. You know the order, you've seen the names, now you just have to wait until 2pm for this thing to get going. Make sure to come back here, as we'll be keeping up with who has been signed, and also keeping track of any trades that may occur during today's events.