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Toronto Sun's Kurt Larson One on One with Mariner

"Oh hey Stefan, high five for making it in to Kurt Larson's newest piece for Sun Media!  Next stop the nightly news!"
"Oh hey Stefan, high five for making it in to Kurt Larson's newest piece for Sun Media! Next stop the nightly news!"

In tomorrow's Toronto Sun you will be able to find a very good feature on Toronto FC by the papers soccer writer Kurt Larson. Last week Kurt sat down with Toronto FC's Paul Mariner for an interview that provides a fair bit of insight in to a number of different stories that many Toronto FC fans have been wondering about all offseason. You can read the entire article online here.

The highlights of Kurt's interview include finding out that Toronto FC has made two different offers regarding Richard Eckersley and it is a deal that could break at any time. The first offer is their best contract to Ecks that would have to see Burnley release the player and then him accept what would certainly be a pay cut to come back to Toronto. The second offer that Burnley could accept would be another loan offer to send Ecks back to the club for the next full season.

There was also the expected news that the Joao Plata deal remains close to being completed. Mariner stated that the delay was due primarily to the fact that Plata's club, LDU Quito is in a title battle and are very busy with that. As such the deal could also break any day now if the two clubs can find time to finalize the last few parts of the negotiations.

Mariner also took time to talk about the newest Red, Reggie Lambe, who he feels was not a good fit in the English Championship but will be a much better fit in MLS. He commented that Lambe was still sought after by clubs in England but he is better suited to the possession style of play that Toronto is trying to play.

Some other highlights of the interview:

- Toronto exposed Adrian Cann as a calculated risk because of his injury but they expect him to be back with the club next season

- The team is looking to add 5 or 6 new faces to the roster before camp kicks off in late January

- Mariner is hoping to use the draft to find one or two players who could be productive for Toronto FC next season.

- Mention of Nicholas Lindsey and his long road back from injury. I was hoping there would be more on his status but still seems a long shot to ever make it back to the MLS. Mariner was critical of him though to say the least.

There is a lot more in there so basically you just have to head over to the Sun's website and read it or go out and buy a copy of the newspaper when it hits stands tomorrow. Kurt is probably the best guy for Toronto FC coverage in the main stream print media so we really should be appreciative of the effort that he puts in. Hopefully we will see a day where other papers go out and hire someone similar to him and improve their quality beyond using associated press content but until then we should support what we have. You should also follow Kurt on twitter @kurtlarSUN for up to date news on all his latest stories for the Sun. Plus he is always willing to chat MLS with his followers so can't go wrong with that!