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Dwayne De Rosario wins Canadian Male Player of the Year

Let's hug it out bros.
Let's hug it out bros.

Well I think this comes as a shock to the Canadian soccer world. Dwayne De Rosario has won the 2011 (Insert sponsor here) Canadian Male Player of the year.

Dero tore up MLS this year, and like you all know, he jumped from 3 different teams while doing so. He scored 16 goals, and also had a very impressive 12 assists. He led the league in shots with 113 (110 of those came against TFC and Real Salt Lake), and 44 of those shots were actually on target.

"It's a special one, and it's an award I'm always grateful to receive," Dwayne De Rosario said. "But it was a difficult year trying to maintain a positive mentality."

De Rosario said he felt a little vindication after such a rocky year, to come back and win the award.

When it came to his play on the pitch for the CMNT, it left more than a few of his followers frustrated. Dero couldn`t seem to produce the same form from MLS and translate it to tearing up St.Lucia, and St. Kitts and Nevis. However, Dwayne managed to wipe away all negative talk by tying Dale Mitchell’s record for most goals scored for Team Canada. Come next round, Dwayne will surely be the CMNT’s new scoring leader.

De Rosario said it was a huge honor to tie Dale Mitchell's record this past November.

"It wasn't just huge for me, but also for my family who worked so hard to get to Canada," De Rosario said.

What a year this has been for the man from Malvern. If we turn the clock way back to the start of this year, Dero was still a TFC player, and he was over in Scotland comparing Scarborough to South Central LA. We all knew what Dwayne was capable of, and he was pretty much the whole team last year, but this was when fans started to see that homecoming hype die. Once Aron Winter and Bobby De got on board, they traded Dero to the Red Bulls and thus began Dero`s anger tear in which he decided to show everyone how wrong they were about him. This has to be one of the most interesting story lines for a Canadian soccer player in some time.

Dero was against 8 other Canucks for the prestigious Male player of the year award. But there was no one who even comes close. Sure Simeon Jackson plays for a team in the Premier League, but doesn`t really play in the Premier League. Andre Hainault could have also made a little noise, but I don`t think anyone would even consider him had the Dynamo not made the MLS Cup. Other than that, Dwayne really had no competition, and it appears he is indeed like a fine wine.

I have to admit, it’s taken me quite some time to get over the whole cheque signing, Mero nonsense a year ago. And I still don’t view Dwayne the same way I did before, but it’s hard for me to deny an incredible year for not only Dero but Canadian soccer. As much as it hurt to see Dwayne score a hat trick against us, we all kind of expected some massive “I told you so” moment from De Rosario. So in conclusion, I congratulate you Dwayne De Rosario.

So what do you think? Glad that Dwayne won the MLS MVP, and Canadian Male Player of Year in the same year? Still not convinced Malvern is rougher than South Central LA? Or maybe you’re just pissed that this award is now sponsored by BMO.