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Toronto FC 2011 Top 40 Countdown: Epilogue

There's nothing much happening in TFC-land these days, no players were picked up in the re-entry draft, they didn't win the Lee Nguyen lottery, negotiations with Joao Plata and Richard Eckersley seem to be going slowly, and the dotting of i's and crossing of t's that was supposed to have been happening a couple of weeks back with regards to the CCL quarter final venue is still ongoing. The club's website is even going so far as to brag about the fact that nothing's happening, in comparison to our opponents in that quarter final, who are apparently in some kind of chaotic tailspin right now, and thus at a big disadvantage, despite, you know, being MLS Cup Champions and all that.

All that means is that it's been a light few days here at Waking the Red, not ideal for you, dear reader, but providing a welcome respite to the 40 posts in 40 days task I foolishly set myself with the top 40 countdown. Time to get back into writing though, so I figured what better way to start than looking a bit further into the stats provided by all the 1-40 rankings I collected.

So after the jump, I'll have a look at a few different stats and patterns it all throws up, including who really splits opinion and had the widest disparity in their rankings, all the players who got first place and last place votes, how close is the opinion on Frei and Kocic and much more. If there's any question in particular you'd want to get more info about, feel free to ask in the comments section. I'll also be listing the full 1-40 rankings for myself, Dave and Keaton in the comments section.

First up, here's all the players who got number 1 rankings, and just how many first place votes they got, out of 22 people who participated.

Torsten Frings, 11
Richard Eckersley, 5
Danny Koevermans, 2
Joao Plata, 2
Stefan Frei, 1
Ashtone Morgan, 1

Other than those 11 1sts, Frings picked up seven 2nds, two 3rds, one 4th and one 6th. Koevermans was the only player who didn't ever drop out of the top 5, picking up ten 2nds, five 3rds, three 4ths and two 5th place votes. Frei and Morgan were the only two who dropped out of the top ten, Frei picking up one 13th plane and one 18th place votes and Morgan having 9 votes outside the top ten, with 18th as his highest, and only one other top 5 vote aside from his one first place finish.

At the other end of things, here's all those who picked up the ignominious 40 ranking.

Leandre Griffit, 8
Dasan Robinson, 5
Kyle Davies, 5
Alen Stevanovic, 2
Keith Makubuya, 2

Everyone got at least one vote outside of the top 5, with Griffit coming off worst with seven 39ths five 38ths, and just one 36th and one 35th outside of the bottom 3. Davies got as high as 33 on two ballots, while Robinson reached the giddy heights of 31. Alen Stevanovic did by far the best of these players, pulling in two picks in the top 20.

Overall there wasn't a massive amount of consensus, as there were only 10 players whose votes were all within 10 places of each other, and only one of them had a vote spread of 5 or less, Koevermans. 15 players had disparities of 20 places or more in their rankings, and guess who was the most divisive with the largest disparity in votes. Yep, that's right, it's Dwayne De Rosario at 27 (6 to 33) followed by Nana Attakora at 26 (12 to 38) Adrian Cann at 25 (8 to 33) and Dan Gargan at 24 (12 to 36).

If you were to pick a TFC fans favourite XI from these figures, it's look like this, Frei in goal, with Eckersley, Harden, Henry and Morgan in defence, Frings, De Guzman and Johnson in midfiled, and Soolsma, Koevermans and plata up front. It's a testimony to the lack of quality we had all year at Centre Back that that top rated pair of Harden and Henry come in at 15th and 19th respectively.

The position with most controversy in general is in goal, and that was one of the tightest races here. At one point Kocic was leading until Frei got some crucial low votes late on to just pull ahead, with an average of 6.227 to Kocic's 6.773. Frei did pick up one 1st, a 13th and an 18th, but most of his votes had him between 3rd and 6th. Kocic didn't break anybody's top 3, with most of his votes coming in the 4-6 range and only one 12th place vote outside of the top ten. Overall 15 people had Frei ahead of Kocic, with 6 favouring Kocic and one person subverting the whole process and giving them both 4th place. So overall, Frei remains number one in most people's hearts, but it's a lot closer than anyone would have suggested at the start of the season, or after the Real Esteli game where Kocic gave away a goal in his first game of the season.

There's plenty of other ways to look at the numbers, so if there's any players you'd want to compare, any particular players's numbers you'd like to see or any point of interest at all, feel free to ask in the comments section and I'll let you know.

With that said, I'd like to thank everyone who voted and commented, and let's do the same again next year, but hopefully for the sake of stability, it'll only end up being a top 25-30 or so.