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TFC All Time XI: Have Your Say!

With the year about to come to an end we are in full retrospective mode around here as in the coming weeks we will be doing a number of different posts looking back at not only this past year but also the entire 5 years of Toronto FC's history. It might be a bit of a rough ride looking back over the time period that has seen the club fail so much but one thing that I will be looking to do is put together an all time best XI for the club.

As part of that I would like to get opinions from you the reader. You can either leave your best XI on the comments of this post or email them to me at Email is preferred but it is really up to you and what you find more convenient.

The basic exercise is to name your best 11 which for the sake of simplicity should line up in something similar to a 4-4-2. That said since some players are capable of playing on more then one spot you can sort of make it work how ever you want. For example you could list Dwayne De Rosario as either a forward or a midfielder, same thing for someone like Joao Plata. At the back end you could list the several of the CB's at a wide position since most of them at least spent some time out there. The team can be made up either to include basically all the players you like the most or you can try to build a side that you think would actually function in reality. The fun part of the exercise is that it is up to you really.

The final post will likely be put together sometime right at the end of the year so I would love to get submissions from people wanting to help out in the next week. Feel free to attach any explanations you want with it and have fun because I know I will with this post!