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Toronto FC all time worst XI.

This picture may be the best argument for Nick Garcia to not make the team.
This picture may be the best argument for Nick Garcia to not make the team.

The end of the year is a natural time to look back and rate things (as well as a dead time for TFC news apparently) and that's what we at Waking the Red will be doing next week. 2011 was of course the 5th year of the grand 5 year plan, and the culmination of all the glory that that 'plan' led to.

Dave is apparently all nice and likes to look on the bright side of things, so put out a call for help with a best XI from TFC's all conquering history. Myself, well I'm a bit more of a cynical bastard, and especially after a glass or four of wine as is currently the case, I'm a bit more ready for some slightly cruel fun, so I'm going to ask for help with a worst ever XI.

This won't be as involved or democratic as Dave's best XI, or the top 40 countdown. I'll probably just get drunk again and make the final decision myself. Having said that, I am very very open to persuasion so feel free to make your argument for a particular player or an entire team in the comments section.

Whether it's a talented player who clearly didn't give a shit, an honest tryer who just didn't have the talent, or just someone who for some completely irrational reason you hate, have fun, vent your spleen, and let me know who should be Toronto FC's representatives in Room 101.

Please note: Anyone suggesting Chad Barrett may or may not find themselves permanently banned. Don't tempt me. Much like He-Man, I have the power and I don't give a shit what Spiderman's uncle said.