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End of the road at Toronto FC for Danleigh Borman

Borman doing what he does best, flying down the wing.  Just don't ask about his defending.
Borman doing what he does best, flying down the wing. Just don't ask about his defending.

The first stage of the MLS Re-entry draft happened this afternoon, with three players taken. Toronto FC passed on their pick so didn't add anyone here. Real Salt lake's Arturo Alvarez was picked up by Chivas USA, and Columbus Crew picked Carlos Mendes from New York Red Bulls. The other pick was the New England Revolution who gave Toronto's barrel a scrape and took away Danleigh Borman.

Borman had been getting attention from a few people as a player likely to be picked today due to his low salary, though it will need to be renegotiated as he is now out of contract, and lo and behold with the second overall pick it happened. With the emergence of Ashtone Morgan into the first team, Borman won't really be missed much by TFC, but he's an ok, affordable depth player, the type of imperfect solution every MLS team needs to have to fill out it's roster under the salary cap.

He didn't look great for TFC this year, as his defensive shortcomings were too much to be offset by his speed and willingness to go forward and help out the Left Winger. He could be a useful player in a team that has an otherwise solid defence and can cover for his mistakes. Obviously that wasn't TFC last year, but he's being plucked from the frying pan into the fire, as the Revs were the second worst defensive team last year, just one goal better than TFC with 58 conceded.

He won't be missed, but now TFC have another gap to fill, and the 42,000 league minimum salary he earned last year doesn't really give a lot of extra cap space to fill it with.

For more on Borman with TFC, check out his Top 40 profile here, he was number 28.