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Win sweet umbro swag

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Let's hope you look good in black.
Let's hope you look good in black.

Umbro Canada have been a good and very active partner for Canada's teams, so I think they've earned a quick plug here, even if this isn't specifically Canada related. To tie in with the launch of what they're calling a "limited edition lifestyle capsule collection, plus a performance boot, to celebrate the 20th anniversary of its iconic football boot, the Speciali" all of which you can see in the picture off to the side there, they're running a contest with questions over the next 10 weekdays. As prizes, they're giving away one of the jackets, one of the bags, and a pair of the shoes.You can see the rules, and enter via their facebook page or follow along on twitter. First question's already up, so go play along and win yourself some sweet looking stuff. Good luck, just don't beat me.