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Reggie Lambe signs with TFC

Little Lambe. 
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Little Lambe. via

Well it's official on TFC's website so it haaas to be true. Toronto FC have signed Reggie Lambe pending receipt of his work permit. Lambe is 20, and has played in England with Ipswich and was also loaned out Bristol Rovers. Although Lambe didn't see much playing time with Ipswich, he's been apart of their system since 2007.

Lambe also represents Bermuda at the national level, with 4 goals and 12 caps to his name.

I like this signing for a number of reasons. First Lambe is a young player, and at only 20, I believe he will fit in nicely up top with Plata on one wing and Koevermans in the middle. Lambe has played at a fairly high level with Ipswich and Bristol Rovers, and apparently he's fast. Now MLS is no stranger to wingers who are fast, but I'd love to see how technically gifted Mr. Lambe is. My guess is he must have some pretty decent control to go along with his insane speed, because he would not flourish in Winter's system without some ball skills.

I don't want to get too excited just yet, but I think this is a wise signing from TFC. He's young, he represents his country( therefore he's used to some pretty intense World Cup qualifiers). Another bonus to this signing is the fact that Duncan has more Lambe puns than he knows what to do with. If our boy Reggie scores on Easter, Twitter may hexplode. That's right, hexplode. (Lambe of God, Lambe Chops down Whitecaps/Impact, Duncan's got a bunch).

TFC are looking very solid up front and in the middle of the park, but I'm more concerned about who we'll sign to shore up our patchy defense.

Next on our list is for Ecks to sign and for another Center Back to come on board. The MLS off season is always so exciting. Hopefully this is the first of a couple important and impressive signings from the Reds.

For now enjoy and day dream about what Reggie Lambe will do for this club come March. TFC have never really had a truly talented right winger, so why can't Reggie be that guy?

As for my Reggie Lambe pun, here's hoping he'll bring the "Lambo Leap to BMO".