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Bell and Rogers to buy MLSE

Reports have come out this morning that the Ontario Teachers Pension Plan are on the verge of selling their stake in everyone's favourite benevolent overlords MLSE to a combined bid from Canadian media big boys, Bell and Rogers.

MLSE have scheduled a press conference for 9:30 a.m, which will be streamed live here. Your intrepid reporter will be driving to work as it happens, sigh, but will try and update things later on as more news comes out. For more responsive coverage of the event, as well as an already burgeoning collection of jokes, I'd suggest checking out Pension Plan Puppets' coverage here, who will now presumably be undergoing a name change, may I humbly suggest Communications Company Cuckolds.

What will this mean for our brave boys in Red? Well, aside from the fact we now sponsor the Whitecaps, probably not much. This is all about the Leafs really, and I'll set the over/under of Toronto FC mentions at 2.5, and TFC related questions at 0.5, and I'll take the under.

Things just got interesting.