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What's all this then?

Hello, and welcome to Waking the Red, SBNation's latest blog, covering Toronto FC of MLS.  I'll get all the introductory questions out of the way first.

Waking the Red?  Eh?  Like waking the dead?  Exactly.  Also, it's a rare and perhaps foolish moment of optimism, but I'm going with the idea that after 4 years of poor results and laughing stock quality management, TFC's latest management team will be the start of a new era of competence and competitiveness.  The logo represents the red and orange sun just about to rise over BMO Field, enabling Reds supporters to wake up from the 4 year long nightmare they've endured so far.  Something like that anyway.

Who are ya?  Until now, I've been blogging about TFC, Canada, and MLS stuff, as well as a lot of what has harshly but probably fairly been described as "bush league English stuff" at Cruel Geography.  I'll be importing older posts from there once some technical issues get sorted out, but if you're sick of everyone related to TFC telling you to be patient until the new system works out, well feel free to cheat and click on the above link to read my full roller-coaster journey from despair to hope and back again many times over in the last few months. 

I've been watching football (and that's what I'll be calling it here) for just under 30 years now.  After a brief period of childhood gloryhunting with Liverpool, the team I grew up with back in England is Darlington, and after a cautious start, I got fully sucked in to following TFC in 2008 and have been a season ticket holder ever since.  Basically, I'm not a journalist, I'm just a regular supporter, and if all that makes you think "well I know just as much as this guy"  well, yeah, that's kind of the point, there's a good chance you do, so feel free to jump in and argue in the comments section, or use the Fanpost section to post something completely different. 

If you're interested in contributing on a regular basis, have ideas of something you'd like to see covered, or just want to send me random abuse and hate mail, please contact me by email, facebook or twitter I'm very open to bringing others in and expanding this and seeing where it all ends up.


Duncan Fletcher