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Kinda breaking news. De Ro to the Red Bulls?

There's no official confirmation yet, and given the date, people are wary of committing, but a lot of very reliable people, actual journalists with inside sources and all that are tweeting that Dwayne De Rosario's been traded to the New York Red Bulls.  There's been a lot of chatter recently about De Ro being shopped around, and relationships between him and management are obviously strained, so it's very plausible. 

I wouldn't be crushed if he does go, depending on what we get for him or how we use the cap space obviously.  He'll obviously leave a big hole in the line up, but with all the off pitch drama, it may be the best for both parties.

More info as it comes out.

Edit:  Seems like it's definitely going to happen, but for now it's being held up by some kind of legal paperwork issue.  Tony Tchani, Danleigh Borman and a first round pick in 2012 is what's being reported as coming back to TFC, ap soccer by Ives, I'll have more here when it's official, and will try to throw minor updates until then in the comments section.

And it did go through today and is officially a done deal, as described above, as reported on

Obviously huge news,It's sad that it had to come to this, but with all the drama, I think it was necessary.  Hopefully this is the last of the draama left over from the Mo Johnston era, any doubt that this is now Aron Winter's club is gone.