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Are you smarter than Mo Johnston?

Of course you are, isn't everyone?  Anyway, now's your chance to prove it, I'm starting a prediction league, based on TFC games, and there's two awesome TFC related prizes available.

First the rules. I'll keep it simple, I'll post something like this before every game, just post your prediction of the result and exact score.  2 points for the correct result, 2 extra points for getting the exact score.  I'll keep track of the points over the year, with first prize going to whoever ends up with most points.  To make it fair for those who might miss a game here or there, or only notice this and start playing halfway through the year, I'll also have an 'average points per entry' table, with the winner of that getting the second prize.  Minimum 10 games to be considered for that one.  One prize per person.

What are the prizes?

First prize.  An MLS Cup 2010 banner.  There wasn't that much advertising around town, but remember there were banners hanging off the street lights on the Lakeshore?  Well, I have one, which I love, it's a seriously cool bit of swag, at some point I'll get a photo of it and upload it here so you can see what you're playing for.  One problem with this is that it's about 6 foot, and it's designed to hang from a street light and be weatherproof, so it's also really heavy.  I just have a small townhouse so have nowhere to put it, so will reluctantly give it up.

Second prize.  What I like to think of as the ultimate symbol of what went wrong with the Mo Johnston era.  My ticket to the 2009 New York Red Bulls game where we crapped out 5-0 with the playoffs in sight.  Signed by Nick Garcia!

Prizes to be delivered at the end of the year, perhaps in some grand presentation at BMO field at the last home game.

So there you have it, post your predictions for today's game in the comments section, may the best man or woman win, thanks for playing.