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Game Thread: Toronto FC v Chivas USA

Toronto FC v Chivas USA

BMO Field, 1PM.

Live on TSN

So here it is, a few games late, but this is now officially the start of the Aron Winter era.  It's no longer Mo Johnston's team, it's no longer Dwayne De Rosario's team, after yesterday's big trade, it's Aron Winter's all red army, the revolution has officially begun.

Say what you want about De Ro and his style of play, but he's one of the few players TFC have ever had who could be relied upon to create something out of nothing.  Now we've got Winter's system, and no reliable plan B.  Should be interesting.

Screw it, it WILL be interesting.  Even if it's not, if it's the most tedious game ever, that in itself will be interesting.  How the players react after THE TRADE should speak volumes.

Get clicky with it here for my full game preview, or's preview.

I'll be at the game, so will try and get on here at half time or full time.

Come on you Reds!