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TFC renew restrictions on Supporter's groups.

So Aron Winter loved the fans on Saturday, but, due to the flares and smoke bombs, the police and security apparently weren't so keen.  The following was sent to Supporter's Groups by whoever's responsible for Bmo Field security and posted on various forums this morning.

· In the past seasons, we talked about the need to receive from your groups any items (banners, flags, drums, bags, etc) that you wanted to bring to your sections – which are not yet under our care at the stadium - before gates open. This will now be enforced, we will receive your items at gate 3B up to 45 minutes before gates open (or the day before a game if it works best for you) and we’ll ask that you inform to us what you will be bringing to ensure we have the proper personnel to receive and bring to your sections.

· At all gates, as of this Saturday, you can expect ‘searches and pat downs’ which will be taking place every game going forward.

· No streamers, novelty ribbon or any items in general will be permitted under any circumstances (including goal celebrations) in the supporters sections. Anyone found throwing any item will be ejected.

· Supporter Group "Capos" will continue to be allowed but we’ll need to hear from you the day before a game the name of the person that will be acting as the leader on field for us to produce an accreditation, which will need to be picked up at gate 4 (with a photo ID).

· We will also reinforce the security around your sections to better ensure the safety of all patrons.

What does this mean for this Saturday's game against Columbus?  Well, it'll make it harder for the Supporter's groups to be bringing in anything other than just their voices, so could have a negative effect on the atmosphere they bring.  Even if you're not part of a Supporter's Group, you can probably expect a more thorough than usual pat down, and longer lineup's because of it.

I'll be writing more about this, and some of the issues behind it later on, but for now, to those who broke the previously established and clearly explained rules and brought in the flares, thanks a lot.