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Are you smarter than Mo Johnston? Round 2.

Well, it was an inauspicious start for this feature last week, with only one of you bothering to join me in making a prediction, thanks Red Wine Roz.  But I'll bravely carry on in the face of indifference, so here it is again.   The good news is that both last weeks entries were wrong, so everyone's still level at 0 points.

Quick recap of the rules, predict the score.  2 points for correct result, 2 extra points for exact score.

Prizes, a 2010 MLS Cup banner, and my ticket to the 2009 New York 5-0 fiasco, signed by Nick Garcia* so go ahead and post a prediction in the comments section.

Full standings so far

User name                   Points

Red Wine Roz                 0

Duncan Fletcher             0


*How and why do I have such an item?  Well it's a story that alternately amuses and shames me.  I went to the 2010 kick off event, and had just recently switched back to my spring/fall jacket and discovered my ticket to that game was still in the pocket.  I thought it'd be kind of fun to keep it as a memento and hoped to get some players to sign it.  Sam Cronin wanted absolutely nothing to do with it, Jim Brennan told me I should burn it.  I'd pretty much given up, but eventually also asked Garcia and he agreed to sign it no problem. 

"You do know I didn't play in that game right?" he said as he signed, and this is the moment I'm really not proud of, I replied "well, that must be why we lost so badly then" and failed to keep the smirk off my face and laugh out of my voice as I did it.  Here's a man with much more footballing talent in his little toe than I have in my entire body, as the cliche goes, and who's had a long career in football, fair enough he never made it further than MLS and hewas never all that good with TFC , but still, it's the sort of career I'd kill for, and here I am essentially laughing in his face.  So to Nick Garcia, my apologies, and thanks for not punching me out.