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Game Thread: Toronto FC v Columbus Crew

Toronto FC v Columbus Crew

Bmo Field 4pm E.S.T

Live on Gol TV

Will there be a St George's day miracle?  Can TFC finally beat Columbus?  Will we finally be able to legitimately laugh at the yellow football team?  That might depend on the injury status of Cann, Gordon and Stevanovic, and no matter who's playing, TFC will have to play better than they did against DC last week.  Columbus have a very good left winger in Robbie Rogers, so hopefully if he plays, Richard Eckersley is an improvement at Right Back, that could be the crucial match up to decide the game.  At the other end, TFC haven't scored in 2 games and Columbus haven't let a goal in in 4 games, being realistic, it's going to be tough.  Even if TFC play well, it's Columbus, so something's bound to stop us from winning, and it's probably going to be Jeff bloody Cunningham isn't it?

Here's my game preview, as well as's preview, and all the usual pre game interviews and such like at, including Jim Brennan's amusing trillium cup rivalry video.   There's still time to enter your prediction in my Are you smarter than Mo Johnston competition, and why not go buy yourself some cheap tickets through the Voyageurs to Canada v Ecuador, June 1st.

If you're going to the game, it's probably best to leave early as there'll no doubt be all sorts of lineups and delays as security gets to do their extended patdowns.  If not, feel free to talk about the game in the comments section.  I'll be at the game, back in the stands so will get lineups here pre game and be back here at half time and full time.

Hopefully getting my easter eggs felt up won't be the most exciting thing about this game.

Come on You Reds!