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Do you want to win the Voyageur's Cup?

I already said earlier that to me, the Voyageur's cup is very important, the history of the cup, the bragging rights that come with it, the Concacaf Champions league adventure it can bring, but it's definitely not an opinion shared by all TFC fans. Some feel, as exemplified here by this provocative Duane Rollins article, that it's really not worth the trouble, all those extra games can wreak havoc with the end of the season, and why risk the chance of getting embarrassed by some Central American team and have to deal with the travel and the refereeing and everything.

So, now that I've figured out how to insert a poll, let's answer it definitively in the most scientific way possible, with a poll! It'll be open for a week, so if we get hammered tomorrow night you can come on here and pretend like you didn't even care in the first place.