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Red Shots. Thursday April 28th

Welcome back to Red Shots, a regular feature where I take stories or links from the last few days that amuse me, or are interesting but not really interesting enough for a full post, or that I just don't have time to write about, and half-arsedly throw them together into one post. Today, Brian Mullan gets a 10 game suspension, New York Red Bulls are going to London, Seattle's O'Brian White is out indefinitely after surgery to remove a blood clot, and TFC get stuck in Edmonton airport.

10 game suspension

So, after getting a red card for the tackle that broke Steve Zakuani's leg last week, Colorado's Brian Mullan was today suspended for 10 games by MLS, as well as being fined $5,000, the longest suspension for a tackle in MLS history. I won't embed it, but if you haven't seen it and want to judge for yourself, you can see the tackle here.

"The Committee felt the egregious nature of the foul and the severity of the injury warranted the discipline issued," executive vice president of competition and game operations Nelson Rodriguez said in a statement. "The Committee believes the challenge showed an utter disregard for Zakuani's safety.

To me that's a very harsh suspension, it was a tough tackle, and I have no problem with the red card, but I really don't think it warrants ten games. Take away the fact it was against one of the league's marquee players and on national TV, and that it led to a serious injury, and the exact same tackle wouldn't have got a second look beyond the initial red card. As 'Darlington legend Jason De Vos' (as he will always be referred to on this blog) said on twitter, The same challenge in the UK, you get a pat on the back and a "Good tackle, son".

Anyway, if the league really wants to punish the Rapids, they should make a ruling that forces them to start Joseph Nane in his place.

Mid season friendlies taken to ridiculous extremes.

I'm not a fan at all of mid-season friendlies, the fatigue and the potential for injuries for nothing more than the chance for your players to play second fiddle to some half-arsing-it stars from Europe. Well New York Red Bulls are taking it even further this year, by flying over to England for the privilege. They'll be taking part in the Emirates Cup, playing two games against Paris St Germain and Arsenal. Way to build the brand boys, I genuinely hope it does in some way ruin your season.

O'Brian White out indefinitely

Seattle announced today that White will be out indefinitely after surgery to remove a blood clot. Though it's good timing for TFC as it avoids the chance of him joining the long list of former players to score against us, it's not good news at all. He never really got going at TFC, but I wish him all the best and hope it's not too serious and he can start playing again soon.

TFC stuck at airport.

TFC's plane from Edmonton to Seattle was cancelled, and at the time of writing, as per Tony Tchani's twitter, (follow him, he's got less than 300 followers), they're instead planning to fly to Vancouver and then drive to Seattle, but are still stuck at the airport. They were flying Alaska Airlines, it's a good job they're not trying to get to Portland or I'd be crying conspiracy.