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Game thread. San Jose Earthquakes v Toronto FC.

 Here's my guess of how the game will go .  Guess which one is Toronto.

San Jose Earthquakes v Toronto FC

Buck Shaw Stadium 10:30 PM E.S.T

Live on Gol TV

After two expansion teams and a team that's just as rebuildy as we are, Toronto FC gets it's biggest test of the season so far, away to the San Jose Earthquakes.  My initial instinct is that TFC will end up as beaten as the action figure in the youtube video up top, feeling like there's a 400+ lb man sitting on their collective chest, his sweaty onion bag, as ESPN's Tommy Smyth would call it, resting mere inches away from their face.

But I could be wrong, it's a funny old game, anything can happen, especially in MLS, that's why they bother to play the game etc etc.  After all, TFC are the good guys here, and any fan of the WWF back in the 80's and 90's know that when all looks lost, the good guy will surprisingly kick out, get up, shake his head and wag his finger and come back for the improbable victory.  That'll happen in real life right?  Wrestling's not fake right?

I'll be here before kickoff, basically when the Leafs game ends, with team news and such like.  The game's on Gol TV which a lot of you probably don't have so if I find a stream of some kind, I'll be sure to post it in the comments section.

Anyway, join me here at 10:30 Eastern to see how it all goes down. If all that wrestling and scrotum talk isn't enough to entice you, there's a very good chance I'll be offering up all sorts of drunken pearls of wisdom.  Until then, here's a bunch of pre-game reading for you.  Get clicky with it for my preview, me answering questions for the Earthquakes blog Quake, Rattle and Goal, Robert Jonas from Quake, Rattle and Goal answering my questions about San Jose,'s preview, and all sorts of interviews over at

Come on you Reds!