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Are you smarter than Mo Johnston? Round 7

So we're at round 7 already.  here's the leaderboard so far

1 B_Fonz 10 points
2 RedWineRoz 6 points
3 Duncan Fletcher 4 points
3 Hitcho 4 points
3 Sulfur 4 points
3 Lesean25 4 points
3 joffee 4 points
8 Nicotine 2 points
8 Blindfolded Tank Driver 2 pts
8 CpDickinson 2 points
8 Mercreyes 2 points
8 BradBoyes26 2 points

As you can see, with a maximum 24 available points so far, none of us are exactly covering ourselves in glory.  too much optimism for TFC, that must be the problem.

What means of course is that even if you haven't played often, you're still not far behind, so join in and if you're any good you'll catch up in no time.  Just predict the score of the TFC game, 2 points for correct result, an extra 2 for the exact scoreline. Prizes range from really quite good, to really quite crap.

Post a prediction in the comment section or reply to me on twitter, thanks for playing.