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Game thread: Toronto FC v Chicago Fire

Toronto FC v Chicago Fire

Bmo Field 7pm E.D.T

Gol TV

Well, I already jinxed this one with my 'good times guaranteed' game preview, so more than likely we won't see another entertaining TFC win like we usually have when Choicago comes to town. But there's definitely a very good chance of a TFC win, as Chicago are one of the few teams doing worse than us so far this year.

If Toronto are playing their best side we should be able to get three points, but given that we're just halfway through the 11 games in 36 days stretch, and there's a very important game in a competition we've got a chance of winning coming up on Wednesday, we may well see some squad rotation, and who knows what that will mean.

You can read my game preview, linked above, or find details about Chicago's squad and formation and how their fans are coping with the idea of missing the playoffs for a second straight year! oh the inhumanity! in How you doin'? with Tweed Thornton of Hot Time in Old Town. also has a preview up, and there'll be all sorts of previews, interviews and the like up at

Before the kickoff, you can of course enter my TFC prediction league Are you smarter than Mo Johnston?

When this game's done, if you still want more MLS, Seattle are playing Portland at 11pm eastern tonight and it's on GolTV as well. These teams and their fans really don't like each other and after a long minor league history, this will be their first game in MLS, so that one's worth watching.

Anyway, I'll be at BMO field witth my blackberry, so if it's not too rainy to use it, I'll post starting lineups and such like here, as well as be here at half time, please talk among yourselves in the mean time.

Come On You Reds!