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Are you smarter than Mo Johnston? Round 9.

A lot of optimistic predictions looked really good and then fell apart in the Chicago game, meaning only two people got points and moved up the leaderboard. 

We actually have a new joint leader, Red Wine Roz joining long time leader B_Fonz with a huge 10 points. You can see the full leaderboard at the end of the comments section here. If you haven't joined in yet, you're still not all that far behind, and there's also a 'points per prediction' second prize available, I'll get around to calculating the standings for that sometime soon, but I'm pretty certain the Yorkies are winning that one with their 6 points from just 2 games so far.

So join in, just post a prediction of the score for the Whitecaps game in the comments section, 2 points for correct result, 2 extra points for the exact score. 

Thanks for playing.