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Game thread. Vancouver Whitecaps v Toronto FC

Vancouver Whitecaps v Toronto FC

Empire Field, 10 pm E.D.T


I'm already getting a bit nervous for this one. Unless something unlikely happens, we're not doing anything in the league, so though it's slightly dramatic, it's not TOO dramatic to say that these two games, today and next Wednesday are going to make or break the season. Win, and we'll have the warm glow of a trophy and at the very least the chance to qualify for the champions league, lose and it's going to be pre-season 2012.

That's more than likely the case for Vancouver as well, and they'll be even more desperate to win seeing as how they still haven't got their name on the trophy, despite playing for it for years before TFC even existed.

So they should be two very interesting games, though tonight's first leg will be diminished somewhat by a smaller than deserved crowd due to the Canucks game going on at the same time.

Here's my preview, a preview from both teams' perspective from SB Nation, and here's a curiously weak attempt to 'rile up TFC fans' over at 86 forever. You can as always get previews, interviews and such like, as well as find a link to buy tickets for the return leg if you need them at, and if you want your game preview to be star wars themed, well the Yorkies have got you covered for that one here.

Before the game kicks off, you can also enter my prediction league here.

The game starts at 10pm, and thankfully it's not another goltv game, on sportsnet instead, so if you're not like all the Whitecaps fans and watching the hockey, tune in then. I'll have lineups here beforehand and will be here throughout the game, join me.

Come on you reds!