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To tank or not to Tank.

So the big game coming up for Toronto FC is obviously Wednesday night's Voyageur Cup second leg, and I'd like to think everyone at the club is focussed mainly on that, but what to do about the game in between, this Sunday at the still amusingly named Dick's Sporting Goods Park.

My thoughts, and I'll expand on this in my game preview, are that, though i'd certainly want whoever takes the pitch to be trying their hardest, I want to see the first team get some rest, rather than have to go out at altitude in a game we're unlikely to get anything from anyway. Obviously there are differing viewpoints, you may think we should always be putting out the strongest team and always try to win the next game, otherwise what's the point of having a team in the first place. Maybe you think the best way to approach Wednesday's game is to let the first team get more practice together. Maybe you think Aron Winter should compromise, rest a few people, but still put out a team strong enough to give the Rapids a game.

How to settle this definitively? Why a poll of course. so let me know what you think, I'll set this one to close before game time, so if we lose you can't come here and try to pretend like you didn't want to win anyway.

As for the last poll here, who's the most underpaid TFC Player, well, you didn't go for the guys barely making it over the poverty line, you instead voted for an increase in Frei's healthy middle class wage. No revolutionaries you. frei got 48% of the vote, followed by Big Joao at 24% and Nana Attakora's contract dispute got a boost with 13% of the votes.