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Wednesday at BMO Field, be there, this week and next.

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The above video was filmed a couple of weeks ago and is well worth watching, designed to promote the idea of supporting local soccer/football, whatever you call it, and specifically to support Canada in their upcoming game against Ecuador. Give it a watch and it'll tell you to go to the game a lot more eloquently than I ever could, as well as showing the difference between those who regularly work with tv and those that don't. Tickets are still available in the Canadian Supporters section, I challenge you to watch the video and not be moved to then go buy tickets.

Mad props (that's what the kids say these days right?) to Ben Rycroft at Canadian Soccer News for being the driving force behind that.

Though I've had no problems pushing Canada tickets, you generally won't find me shilling for TFC, MLSE has more than enough money to do their own marketing, and any attendance problems are very much of their own making anyway, but I'll make an exception for this game as an extension to the idea in the video above.

Support local football, well if you're reading this TFC is probably your local team, so if you don't already have tickets, go here and buy some, your team's in the final of a competition against a fellow Canadian team. This is the chance to see something that doesn't happen that often, your team compete in what is in essence a one off game for a trophy, and hopefully see them lift the cup.

That cup itself is a very big part of why you should go, and the biggest connection to the 'support local soccer' theme. It's not just some meaningless trophy a sponsor or association came up with. It was thought up by and paid for by Canadian fans, the Voyageurs in 2002 to honour the country's top club. Awarded initially to the team with the best record against other Canadian teams in league play, it became established enough that when the CSA decided to hold an annual Canadian championship, it approached the Voyageurs to see if it could use their trophy.

That's why it's important, it's why even in some god-forsaken future when Vancouver and Montreal are playing in the final, that final will still be important, because it's Canadian supporters' national Championship and, literally, Canadian supporters' trophy. Back in 2002, no-one would have imagined that there would soon be 3 Canadian MLS teams, and they'd be fighting to win that trophy and everything it means.

This is what can happen when you support local football.