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Game Thread: Toronto FC v Vancouver Whitecaps

Toronto FC v Vancouver Whitecaps FC

Bmo Field, 8pm E.D.T

Sportsnet One

Yeah, after all the early games being on the regular sportsnet channels, the final's relegated to sportsnet one due to the Memorial Cup.  A bit disappointing, but not something you can really complain about too much given we live in Canada.  If your tv doesn't get sportsnet one, they're very good at streaming the game at

So, this is it, the first leg 1-1 draw didn't do anything except increase the tension, and so now we have what is to all intents and purposes a one off game to be crowned Canadian Champions, win the Voyageurs Cup, and move on to a qualifying round against Real Esteli of Nicaragua.

Do or die, win or go home, etc etc.  I'm very nervous about this.  I just hope TFC can win it in 90 minutes, as a) I don't think I can handle extra time or, footie gods forbid, penalties, and b) I can't see TFC doing well in extra time.  We've been barely hanging on at the end of games for a while now.

Anyway, here's a selection of previews for you before the game.  My preview,  A Vancouver focussed preview from EightySix Forever, where Benjamin Massey can't quite bring himself to believe that the Whitecaps will win, interviews and previews and all that at, and there is of course still time to enter the world's most half-arsed prediction league Are you smarter than Mo Johnston?

I'll be at the game, on my Blackberry, so will have line-ups and all that pre game, as well as half time and full time analysis as much as rain and bmo's poor cellphone reception allow me.

Come on you Reds!