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Move along. Nothing to see here.

I have never been wetter than I was at roughly 9:00 last night.  I stuck it out for a good 45 minutes or so, then eventually decided to move under what passes for a roof.  After another 15 minutes or so, there was some big flashes of lightning and so I figured it was probably best to leave the giant tin can I was in and go home. 

Officially that's all that happened.  No football of record was played.  Jay DeMerit in no way put Maicon Santos in his pocket for an hour.  Mikael Yourassowsky is still basking in the glow of his 'MLS team of the week' performance and did not at all really really suck.  Adrian Cann only looks like he's tired and ready to have a terrible game.  TFC didn't eventually start to play better and almost score.  Most importantly Eric Hassli didn't score a lucky deflected goal, and the Vancouver Whitecaps weren't winning 1-0.  Nope, not at all.

In other news, if the pitch isn't too soggy, Toronto FC will be playing the Vancouver Whitecaps tomorrow morning at 11 a.m.   90 minutes or more, starting at 0-0.  An unusual time for a game, I wonder why that's happening.