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Are you smarter than Mo Johnston? Round 11.

Well, after we all know the midweek game didn't actually happen in any way shape or form, so it's once again round 11.

TFC are looking bettter defensively, but a bit uninspired recently up front.  Philadelphia have scored 8 goals and conceded 7 in ten games.  I'm not expecting a goalfest, but who knows.

Predict the score in the comments section, 2 points for correct result, 2 more for the exact score.  Win prizes, either genuinely good, or 'so bad it's good' good.

Your standings so far, at some point I'll figure out the points per prediction standings as well;

1 B_Fonz 14 points
2 RedWineRoz 12 points
3 Nicotine 8 points
4 Duncan Fletcher 6 points
4 Sulfur 6 points
4 The Yorkies 6 points
4 Lesean25 6 points
4 CpDickinson 6 points
9 Hitcho 4 points
9 joffee 4 points
9 Blindfolded Tank Driver 4 pts
12 Mercreyes 2 points
12 BradBoyes26 2 points
12 TFC Blogger 2 points.

Thanks for playing.