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Game Thread. Toronto Fc v Philadelphia Union

Toronto FC v Philadelphia Union

Bmo Field 12:30 E.D.T

Gol TV

An early game today, due to a depressing yet probably sensible decision to try and avoid a clash with this afternoon's Champions League game. 

What sort of condition is the pitch in after all the rain over the last few days? good job there was no-one running around the pitch playing football on wednesday.

Will Carlos Ruiz play?  If he plays like he used to at Bmo Field, will anyone even notice?

Apparently this is only the ref's 2nd MLS game.  Not really sure what that means given that Baldomero Toledo is both very experienced and thoroughly crap.  Hopefully this guy's ok.

Before the game, here's my preview, a Union based preview from Brotherly Game,'s preview, and find previews and interviews over at

Also, if you haven't yet, feel free to enter my prediction league here.

I'lll be at the game, today coming at you from the press box (only time I've done that so far, we lost 3-0 to D.C) , so more updates that usual for a home game, join me here pre game, though I might be a bit distracted by the League two playoff final between Stevenage and Torquay United.

Come on you Reds!