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Red Shots. Wednesday May 4th

Welcome back to another edition of Red Shots, where I take a bunch of stories that I just don't have the time to write fully about, and half-arsedly throw them together into one post. A special all Canadian edition today. A poll 'proves' you do care about Canadian Soccer. So Stephen Hart asks you to prove it by going to the Canada/Ecuador game, where you won't see David Hoillett, but hopefully he'll be playing in the World Cup qualifiers, where De Ro may or may not be playing, and where you can see the EPL's newest Canadian player Simeon Jackson.

TFC fans care about the Voyageur's Cup.

First up, the poll I started last week is now closed and definitively and scientifically puts the lie to accusations that TFC fans don't care about the Voyageur's cup. 66% of you said the competition was very important to you, 29% said it's kind of important but qualification for the Champions League is the real prize, 5% don't really care but realise it's pretty much the only chance of success this year, and absolutely no-one chose the "unimportant, it's all about the league" option.

Take that lazy Western based journalists, Toronto isn't the cynical, smug and detached city you think it is, we hate and want to beat you guys just as much as you want to beat us.

More after the jump.

De Ro won't be at the Gold Cup. Yes he will.

Similar to the minor 'Attakora's going to be traded' story, there was a brief but quickly shot down media storm concerning Dwayne De Rosario's desire to play for Canada in the Gold Cup. New York Red bulls Coach Hans Backe came out and said to the New York Post that "I think he has turned that down," I would be very surprised if he went for the national team. You never know, but I’m fairly sure we will have him. I don’t think he has played [much] the last two years for them. I hope [we’ll have him]. Otherwise I will be disappointed.’’

De Rosario came back and said that he "100% wants to play for Canada this summer"

I guess this will get more interesting as the Gold Cup approaches, New York will be missing a lot of players so may be putting pressure on De Rosario to stay. He obviously still hopes to get a DP contract from New york, so hopefully that won't be used against him as leverage to make him stay.

I'm not that concerned really for two reasons, firstly the World Cup qualifiers starting later this year are more important than the Gold Cup, so if it comes down to one of the other, I'd rather he be released for those. Secondly, I don't think he'll be that important to Canada, the team has played better and been more successful without him in the last year or so. He's obviously a talented player so I'd love to have him on the bench as a plan B if things aren't working out, but I hope some of the talented and younger midfielders and forwards Canada has such as Atiba Hutchison, or Josh Simpson are selected to the starting line up ahead of him.

Simeon Jackson gets Norwich City promoted

Another of those talented young players is Simeon Jackson, and he's currently celebrating the fact that his English club team Norwich City just won promotion to the Premier league for the 2011/12 season. Jackson scored the winning goal that clinched promotion, as well as 9 goals in 7 games over the last month. There's a really good article about him here at Red Nation Online, and if you can convince your computer it's in the U.K, you can see some of the celebrations from that night here on the BBC.

I really hope he gets a chance to prove himself in the Premier League, but I can't help but think they'll buy some mediocre recycled forward with EPL experience to play instead. Someone like El Hadji Diouf.

Yep, it's another promo for the Canada v Ecuador game.

I've been repeatedly promoting the June 1st Canada v Ecuador game here for a while now, but if you're comfortable ignoring me, here's a plea for support from Canadian coach Stephen Hart who said, in this article from Canadian Soccer news talking about his plans for Gold Cup and World Cup qualifying

he does hope that the team can gain some positive psychological momentum from a strong, pro-Canadian crowd at BMO Field for the team's tune-up match against Ecuador on June 1.

"The crowd makes a huge impact on how a team performs," he said. "Those players are wearing the Canada shirt with pride, they've sacrificed a lot to play for Canada."

Fans who want to see Canada make the World Cup one day, he says, should do their part and support the squad every chance they get. Mission 2014, after all, isn't just about the players on the field -- it's also about the supporters in the stands.

You heard the man, tickets through the Voyageur's are only $17, go buy some.