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Red Shots. June 2nd. Canada Ecuador post game edition

I'll have my own thoughts about the Canada Ecuador game up soon, and they will be just thoughts, as I was in section 113, kind of buzzed before the game even started ($12 pitchers, what choice did i have?) forgot to pvr the game, and completely missed Canada's second goal.  Now that's what i call professionalism!  But for now, here's some links to some actual journalists who actually got the job done to start you off with.

Red Nation Online, Canada-Ecuador post game interviews.
Interviews with Stephen Hart, Terry Dunfield, Tosaint Ricketts and Josh Simpson

Ricketts the injury time hero as Canada draws Ecuador
Red Nation Online's Match report

Canada, Ecuador battle to draw in Toronto friendly
CBC's Match Report.

"I always tell the players is to look for opportunities when you have free kicks to take [it quickly] and take advantage of [the opponents'] disorganization. It is our right to take a quick free kick, and we did. Simple," Hart explained.

Canada draws Ecuador in Gold Cup tune up -
Here's the Canadian Press article that's probably being used in a lot of different places.  Seeing as how they had the game on TV, I'll link it on Sportsnet's page.

Canadian Soccer News and Forum - Supporting your home team in a world of infinite choice
An article published pre game at CSN. Another 'Why don't Canadians support Canada article', but it's a good one.

More reports rolling in now.

Twelfth Player:  Canada draws 2-2 against Ecuador.  Canadian football wins

The Score - Footy Final.  Canada edition.

Kristian Jack and James Sharman discuss the game, and The score also has a match report from Kristian Jack.

I'll try and update this as more come in through the day, probably in the comments section.